Frequently Asked Questions - employers


Below are some of the questions we have had from employers seeking clarification about their recruitment projects with TalentSpring. We've done our best to answer them in general terms here, but if you engage TalentSpring for a recruitment project, you'll agree to the Terms of Business in your proposal and it is important that you use those Terms as your point of reference.


If you have a question you would like answered, please use our contact form and one of our team will be in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions from our jobseekers can be found here.

 01  Can my company remain anonymous in advertising?


​Absolutely.  During the engagement process, your TalentSpring consultant will talk to you about how much or how little information about your company you would like released in advertising and to candidates.  We can brand your advertising with your logo and company information or we can use the TalentSpring branding - the choice is yours.

 02  Can I appoint more than one of the candidates?​


We'll be thrilled if you find more than one candidate you don't want to miss out on!  If you appoint more than one candidate from the same recruitment exercise, the fee for the second and subsequent appointees will be 75% of the fees outlined in the proposal, relevant to the position level, even if only one candidate was requested at the commencement of your recruitment project.

 03  What if my new team member leaves?​


If your new team member leaves within three months of the original advertisement for your position, we'll reopen the job search to identify other potentially suitable candidates and do initial interviews and reference checks where appropriate.  Please note this is not a ‘replacement guarantee’ and Talent Spring does not guarantee finding a suitable replacement through this process. 

If your new team member leaves within six months of their date of commencement, the monthly retainer stops immediately. Should a suitable replacement be found, the monthly retainer resumes on their commencement and continues until the completion of the initial six month period.  

The Terms of Business in our proposal steps this out in more detail and our TalentSpring consultants are always happy to clarify the options available.

 04  Can you help with Position Descriptions and Contracts?


During the first meeting, your TalentSpring consultant will establish whether you already have a Position Description for the role. If you don’t, and would like our assistance to prepare a Position Description specific to your role and company we are very happy to provide a quote for this service.  Similarly, if you would like to reduce your risk with a legally compliant Contract of Employment we can also arrange a quote to have this completed in time for your new starter.​

 05  Do I still have to pay a fee if someone walks through the door during the advertising process, or one of my own staff members applies?

As part of our engagement in the recruitment project, we ask you to refer any employee or external candidate who applies directly to you for an advertised position to TalentSpring for equal consideration.  If you appoint an external candidate, the standard fees apply.  If an existing employee is appointed then only the initial fee applies (no monthly retainers or onboarding program).

 06  Is the service covered by an all-inclusive fee or are there hidden costs?

Before you engage our services we will provide you with a written proposal detailing the costs and inclusions for your specific recruitment project.  We understand that sometimes the scope changes after commencement of the project, and if this will affect the costs, your TalentSpring consultant will confirm these with you before proceeding.  We don’t like surprise charges any more than you do!