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A win-win for remote workers & employers

We recently attended a webinar in which survey results revealed that most of the people participating said they would like to continue to work from home once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. Many said they felt more productive in their work, exercised more often, ate healthier food and spent less money, including transport costs. We feel there are most likely lots of other benefits.

This sparked our interest to see how this all relates to the recruitment industry and how perspectives of some employers will change in considering candidates who live in remote areas and want to work from home. This will apply to regionally-based companies, who in the past have found it difficult to attract skilled candidates willing to relocate for their critical roles. Hiring managers are now likely to be more open to seeking candidates with the right experience and skill base who live further afield and are willing to work from home, travelling to headquarters only when required.

From the candidate’s perspective, we see this as a win-win as increasing amounts of workers are leaving urban areas for either a sea or tree change. New technology being available allows this remote working environment to become more popular. We note that Seek.com have introduced a new classification “Work from Home”, pointing to this becoming the way of the future for many businesses.

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