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Changing skill sets in a COVID-19 employment environment

With so much change in the way we work today, finding quality candidates with the right skill set might look a little different to pre-COVID-19 days.

Organisations looking to hire new talent are now realigning their priorities when it comes to searching for the right skills, attitudes and values required in today’s environment. Having teams working from home or working remotely has flagged the need for stronger leadership skills.

Leaders who have successfully lead others through transitional change, and who can demonstrate a high level of Interpersonal Skills and Emotional Intelligence will be highly sought after. Leaders who know when and what to communicate and who are ‘naturals’ at keeping their remote teams engaged, motivated, inspired and supported will be the winners.

A bunch of other things have also risen in the priorities list when looking for new talent. Candidates with a ‘can do’ mindset who are willing to embrace and adapt to change, and who are flexible to do whatever it takes to make a positive impact will be successful. In today’s environment candidates will also need to demonstrate:

· A strong work ethic and the discipline to balance working hours with home life

· Honesty and integrity in working remotely

· Ability to work autonomously

· Ability to be self-sufficient and have excellent computer skills

· Strength as a team player

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