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Don't stay in your job too long

Employers may hate us for saying this, but people … please don’t stay in your job too long

Why not?

We’ve been talking in our team about the impressions that people leave during their interview and we realised that all of us have met candidates who have reached that point of being so negative about their workplace that it just comes through in everything they say in their interview. They are negative about their workplace, their boss, the hours they are expected to work, the duties they are given, the people they have to work with … they just can’t find anything positive to say anymore. 

They have clearly stayed in a job that is making them miserable for too long.

It has sucked all the positive energy out of them and unfortunately, that comes across strongly during interviews – regardless of how keen they are on the role they are applying for. 

That is what we mean when we say 'don't stay in your job too long'.

Do you know how it comes across for a prospective employer? It is really unattractive. If you are dissatisfied, we’d encourage you to try something different. Firstly, go and talk to your manager, see if there is something that can be done about the things that are making you unhappy. 

If that isn’t an option, or if it doesn’t get the right outcome, then make a decision. If you think you need to do something different to be happy then make that decision sooner rather than later. Don’t leave it until you have lost your ability to really shine in an interview. 

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