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Feedback - the ultimate respect

Who of you, reading this blog, actually enjoys giving feedback (the good and the bad)? If you don't find yourself rehearsing, worrying how the person is going to react, getting that touch of red blotchiness on your neck while you are having the feedback session, then good on you.

For the rest of us, we thought we would share our mindset when it comes to giving feedback - we think it helps!

Challenging to give, difficult to receive - even when it is positive, we Australians still seem to struggle with giving and receiving feedback.

A lot of people feel awkward about giving positive feedback - maybe because they didn't get enough as a kid or maybe because their boss never gave them any so why should they? And people feel intensely uncomfortable giving negative feedback because they see it as only that - negative - and who wants to make someone unhappy or risk being not liked?

But here's how we see it - giving feedback (good or bad), when done in the right way, is the ultimate sign of respect for the other person.

Why? Because it says 'I care enough about you to take the time to tell you my thoughts'. Whether that is taking the time to say 'I saw what a great job you did there' or 'I don't feel like that service you gave me this time was your normal great quality and here's why...'

Either way, the real reason why giving feedback is the ultimate respect is this; it empowers them. It empowers them to choose to take action. Once you've given them useful and constructive feedback, they now have the knowledge of what to keep doing or what they might need to consider changing if what they are doing isn't up to scratch.

Get in and say it!

Next time you see a need to give someone feedback but feel a little awkward, think about whether that person would be empowered by what you have to say. If the answer is 'yes' then get in and say it. How you deliver it is, of course, always key so that sounds like a topic for a future blog!

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