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It’s a buyers’ market for employers

We recently reached out to the local Toowoomba business community to ask for feedback about their recruitment experiences during COVID-19.

It seems the quantity of the candidate pool has increased, especially in some of the key professions such as Lawyers and Accountants, who are usually difficult to find in Toowoomba. This may be due to quality employees, who would usually be inclined to stay put, are now taking more chances and looking for better opportunities in this new COVID world. Another possible factor is that those people who have been made redundant from capital city firms are now on the market and looking for a tree change.

On the flip side, one employer said that despite there being less applicants for commercial roles, the quality of candidates had significantly improved in terms of their skill sets compared to the norm for the past three years.

So, now that it’s a buyers’ market, do hiring managers have the time (and experience) to sift through copious applications to find the gem they want? Another employer who advertised had 250 applicants, of which only 10 were suitable.

It’s likely that due to JobKeeper good candidates will remain employed at least until September and then we will see another change in the market and more candidates coming onto the market.

In this changing unemployment landscape, it’s the optimum time for hiring managers to use non-traditional recruitment services that are faster and more streamlined to find their new talent.

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