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The fragile nature of corporate cultures

When asking candidates why they have chosen to leave their current job or company, all too often we hear that the main reason is due to a change in management or corporate culture. Generally, this change is as a result of either a new manager leading the candidate’s immediate team, or in a broader sense involves a new CEO influencing company direction. Either way, the attitudes and decisions of “new management” can either enhance or erode a company’s culture with flow on effects to employees’ job satisfaction and commitment.

The relationship between organisational culture and employees’ commitment to an organisation has been widely researched, with the conclusion that some key elements have a direct impact on culture. A new CEO may have a different attitude to factors affecting employees, such as teamwork, communication, uniformity, autonomy, respect, reward and recognition, job roles, flexibility……and the list goes on. All of these factors can influence good talent to leave the organisation in search of a better company culture and work environment.

Losing good people from the organisation’s talent pool as a result of new management and a change of culture is a cost that could be avoided by engaging all employees in the change process, rather than taking a “this is what we are doing” approach. Not only this, but it is widely held that employees who are encouraged to feel 'ownership' or 'part of the family' are more likely to be loyal and committed.

If you are one of those candidates still trying to adapt and embrace new changes to your work environment and are feeling unloved or not appreciated, give us a call! My hat goes off to you for your perseverance.

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